You’re Art

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“ this the one Sasha??”

Sasha nodded, his face excited and flushed with embarrassment. The crowds in the busy shopping centre mostly walked past without taking any notice of the large white mural. Nina, however, walked slowly around it, taking in each arrow, and each color, each wave of the stone.

“It looks like a dragon,” she said, “But the dragon seems injured.”

“I..well…I wanted to show how society..well the world…how it’s not perfect,  I’m not perfect…and the arrows…” He went on…

Nina loved it when he spoke about art. The way his eyes lit up, the way he almost lost his stutter.

“Do you not like it?” he asked suddenly.

Her eyes found the plaque beneath the piece.

Third arrow: Alexandre Fedorov

“It’s beautiful! And I’m so so proud of you.” She whispered squeezing his hand and went on her tippy toes to reach his lips. He beamed down with relief and kissed her back softly.

This is written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thanks to Jade M. Wong for providing the picture.

Word count: 158

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